Wednesday, February 17th

 Artist Statement

I am a visual artist that works in oil and acrylic painting, drawing, ceramic pottery and sculpture, film shorts, and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I am interested in systems of community, systems of living, and their juxtaposition to, and role in their environment. I feel that humanities relationships with nature will be the integral key to determining the path we will follow as a species. I try to use simple and relatable visual metaphors to convey my message of humanities current state of separation from each other and their true symbiotic place in the world. My goal is to hold my canvas to the world as a mirror for itself so it can see where we are and start the return to nature. The return to the beginning to find ourselves in others and the world above and around us. To return to symbiotically living with the world that we are very much apart of and connected to and through. It is important to me that my work communicates with everyone at all levels of intellect and age.



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