Teusday, April 5th

About Me

       I was born in Dover, Delaware in 1989. As a young child I would spend my days walking around the neighborhood drawing rose bushes and interesting trees. This excitement of seeking out, discovering and recording motifs in nature stirred a passion for art that has turned into a steady fire. I graduated from Centerville High school in 2007 and enrolled at Sinclair Community College for a BLA degree with a focus on Fine Arts and Psychology. Halfway through the second year of school my finances became so tight I could no longer afford to pay for the travel, books, parking and studio fees for the semester. I decided to take a year off of school and save up money from my full time job at the used book store. After a year, some discomfort in how I saw other employees treated, and a job opportunity in West Virginia at Class VI, I decided to quite my job. I leave the apartment I couldn’t afford, and take what little I loved or could fit in my car to Lansing. Not only was it amazing to ride down world renown rapids and camp with amazing and talented people for a summer, but I got the opportunity to wander through some of the most beautiful country I’ve seen in the United States. This reconnection with nature and my own natural process for living brought me back to that initial intention of seeking to discover ourselves and our condition in the nature around us. After all of recorded history we find ourselves back to the beginning of our understanding. We are not separate from the world around us but so intrinsically connected to and by it. I moved back to Cincinnati and got accepted to DAAP and am currently in my third year of the program. My work in any medium is aimed at this beauty found in nature and the systems of living that contrast or constrict the natural growth of the organisms that these systems are made of. I work mostly in graphite, charcoal, oil paints, and ceramics but very much enjoy pushing my media and ideas in any way I can.



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