Monday, April 11

Cedric Michael Cox came and spoke to our Professional Practices class and he gave us a lot of useful information about finding your niche in art, sticking to it, and marketing yourself accordingly. His straight forward but casual attitude was very refreshing. He taught us that being honest, open, and humble were among the most important traits one can have as an artist. Honesty allows people to get a sense of you as a real person and gives them access to your work. More importantly honesty is the key to building long lasting relationships professional and otherwise. Openness allows you the freedom to be available to new ideas and opportunities as they present themselves. This same openness allows you to appreciate and engage in new ideas and opportunities. Humbleness is important because let’s be honest nobody really likes to talk to someone who presents themselves as all knowing or aloof. More information can be found about Cedric’s work on his website,


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