Monday, April 11

I think it was Robert Henri who said that you have not truly seen something until you have drawn it. This relates to how I see non-technical research. Research can be found everywhere you look in the world if you think about what your looking at. The way people interact in public spaces versus how people behave toward each other on television is an example of this random research. Watching a cigarette burn or trying to see how many times a droplet of rain permeates the surface of a puddle are other examples. The goal in my mind here is to stop looking so your eyes can see what is before them. This way of seeing allows you to draw inferences and techniques from just viewing the world. How would I draw the reflection of light as it bounces off a window? The stretched diagonal Z is the classic illustrators trope to display this, but there are countless ways in which light bounces off of a glassy surface. How do you draw a puddle of water that is completely still to make it appear as a still puddle of water? How does one draw the texture of snow, metal, hair, plastic, or skin? This research is done by looking and existing in the world, just as the diagonal Z, there are numerous ways in which a person can depict something, making the viewer feel the subject matter is what artists truly aim for.


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