Monday, April 11


One of my biggest influences is Salvador Dali. I have always been drawn to his surrealist images set in dream-like landscapes. Although a bit of a narcissist, he was also a brilliant thinker and painter. Many psychologists used his images produced by his”paranoiac critical transformation” method to move beyond the many failures of the psychoanalytical methods of Freud to better understand mental illness and the paranoia of the schizophrenic.

It is well known that many of Dali’s images were conceived when he was in the state of being half asleep but still lucid. I try similar methods of allowing my mind’s eye to delve into the unconscious realms of my understanding of the world to inform the images I create. Unlike Dali’s lucid sleep method, I use meditation, mantras, and stream of consciousness sketching as research. These methods allow me to create and think freely while examining in the third person. Many of Dali’s themes and of sex, nature, identity, and time are still central to my own themes.


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