Monday, April 11

Another influence of mine is Van Gogh. Van Gogh was a deeply depressed and troubled individual. In his landscapes he provides the world with a utopian like view of how the world might be. Maybe not so much how it could Be but how it may better be Perceived. He uses the texture of paint and the vibrations of his brushstrokes to ignite and bring forward the vibrant energy of his subject matter. I feel like it was this way of viewing the world that both led to his beautiful artwork and also to a life of being misunderstood.

I empathize with Van Gogh’s struggle to find meaning and acceptance in life as well as the struggle to allow the world to see this utopian perspective. Unlike Van Gogh my painting tends to more flat and I try desperately to make my brushstrokes fade in to the image. Like Van Gogh much of my works’ themes circulate around how to better see and understand the landscape in which we live.


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