Wednesday, April 13th

Today our class is headed to the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will be seeing their current exhibition Sidereal Silence by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s work is about discovering the essential in nature. He encourages us to encounter nature in new and unexpected ways that reconnect us with the environment around us. In the current installation he achieves this through a sound piece that was inspired by his trip to the pacific northwest’s and switzerland’s glacial waterfalls. Another video piece inspired by the same experience pairs two slightly different waterfalls right next to each other. The slight difference in flow and overwhelming power of each waterfall sets up a duality that is induces awareness of both difference and unison. In the lower level of the gallery is displayed a series of paintings made from raw materials such as cotton, animal glue, fossil dusts of different ages, etc, that elaborate Yamamoto’s artistic vision through his yielding to these elements, alluding of time and strata, and a surrender of artistic control.

The Weston is run by a not-for-profit organization, the Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA). The CAA oversees the Aronoff Center for the Arts and music hall. The Weston is located in the Aronoff Center and has over 3,500 square feet of exhibition space. This is among the most sought after exhibition spaces in the Cincinnati area, attracting both national and international artists. More information about this exhibition or the Weston Art Gallery can be found at


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