Wednesday, April 11

This is a short how to about making the nesting spheres pictured above. This is made from a one-ply cardboard that can be found at most art-supply stores and acrylic paint. I recommend acrylic paint because it has a certain bonding strength being made from plastic polymer base instead of a water based paint with pigment. This adds a small amount of durability to the chipboard that as you can see will be stretched to it’s limitations.

I start by using my compass to draw three sets of concentric circles on the cardboard, that are a quarter of an inch a part. You can make as many circles as you’d like. the outer most circle will be the diameter of your nesting spheres.

Then replacing the pencil with and exacto knife cut out each circle. Separate the circles into two piles, alternating between the two with each new circle. Repeat this step two more times so that you have three circles of each size. You may choose to complete the following steps for each of the two piles you create to end up with two nesting spheres of slightly different proportion. otherwise discard one pile and keep the other.

Next cut four 1/8″ slits into each circle at each intersection with the XY axis. Two cuts opposite each other should start on the outside and reach the middle. The other two cuts opposite each other should start from the inside and reach the middle. Be consistent on this step or your circles will not fit together to make spheres.

Put the circles together starting from the smallest set to the largest building each new sphere around the smaller ones.Remember to paint each sphere and let it dry before you assemble the next sphere around it or you may have spheres that dry together and will not move.

You can go as big as you like but remember gravity takes over at a certain point and the spheres tend to become misshapen. Once you are finished shake it around in your hands, the spheres will roll around inside of each other creating all sorts of fun. You could also be boring and leave it on your mantle to look at either way enjoy your new nesting spheres!


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